What are the specs on the house?
1.5 story single family dwelling
Built: 1915 (102 years old)
Size: approximately 1,100 square feet
Lot Size: 38 feet x 100 feet: 3,800 square feet
2016 Taxes (school, city and county): $2534.
2 bedrooms: one upstairs, one downstairs
2.5 baths: shower-tub, toilet and sink vanity on main floor, toilet and sink on second floor, shower, toilet and sink in basement.
Eat in kitchen: 13 feet x 11 feet

When did you buy the house?
Late November 2013.

Was this a stigmatized property?
No. As far as I know, no deaths or murders, no meth lab, no crimes committed here, no ghosts, no poltergeists have taken place or existed in the house. The house was abandoned by a previous owner, because too much work was required to make it a safe and healthy environment; so I took on the project.

When will the renovation be finished?
I had hoped to have all work completed by May-June 2014, but there has been so much work needed and work has stopped multiple times due to unavailability of excellent workers and depletion of savings. I expect the house will be ready to live in by Summer 2017.

What appliances are included?

  • Electric dryer
  • Clothes washer
  • Gas furnace (Goodman)
  • Gas water heater
  • Central air conditioner
  • Water softener (not used)
  • Dehumidifier
  • Electric Range
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher

Do all the appliances work?
The fridge, washer, dryer, furnace, air conditioner and hot water heater are now clean and working. The dishwasher will work when hooked up to water again. I haven't tried the stove yet, but have purchased new parts for it. The range hood and fan have been put back in place. The water conditioner appears to be workable, but hasn't been used for a decade or so.

When were the appliances purchased and for how much?
In 2002, these 3 appliances were purchased (I have a receipt):
Refrigerator: $635.00;
Electric Oven-Range: $360.00;
Dishwasher: $305.00.
I don't have any record of the purchase of the clothes washer and electric dryer, but the washing machine likely is about 3-4 years old.

What furnishings are included?

  • Two sheds
  • A US flag
  • 4 wing chairs
  • Ikea sofa
  • Ikea table with 4 chairs
  • Kitchen island
  • 2 area rugs
  • Baker's rack
  • CO detector and smoke detectors
  • New ceiling light fixtures
  • A power lawnmower
  • 5 outdoor trash cans
  • All window treatments.
  • Armoire.
There is now a page showing the furnishings that can be included or omitted.

How are you affording to pay for all the work required?
I've used all my retirement savings and now I'm trying to sell as many items from this house and my own home to keep covering the mounting costs. I'm also attempting to recover "overpayments" made to some "professionals" whose work was done poorly and had to be redone by actual professionals. I invite you to buy some of the books I've written, buy some of the personal items I'm selling or perhaps donate some money if you choose to.

Are there photos available?
Yes, I've taken photos throughout the project. I'll be posting them on this website.

Have you run into any snags?
Enough to fill a blog and a book.

What do monthly utilities average?
These are 2015 figures. Keep in mind the house was not occupied from 2014 through 2016 so these figures don't reflect what a resident may expect.
Gas: $41.00 Your average cost may be closer to $50.00
Electric: $33.00 Your average cost may be closer to $41.00
Water, sewer, garbage: $33.00 per month (paid quarterly). Your average cost may be closer to $73.00
You may also have cable or satellite TV and Internet charges.

What has been done to the house?
Mudroom torn out and rebuilt
Garage torn down
Second electric panel added
Carpets removed
20 new windows installed
New lighting throughout house
New shower/tub installed
Bathroom reconfigured
Front door painted red.

May I come see the house?

If you're interested in buying this house I'll first need to see a letter of bank financing approval or liquid cash before I'll schedule an appointment. No written letter in advance? No appointment.