UPDATE: September 2017.

My life has changed for the better. I sold my other house so I have the equity to complete the house and cover some living expenses for the time being. I've moved into my $99 bungalow - before I could complete renovations. I will sell off, give away and shred most of my things so that the painting and floors can be done.

The other good news is that I reconnected with a former classmate, a man at my 50th high school reunion, and we are planning to travel together in his van and live together at his home in Florida. I'm very happy. So the desire to sell my house is stronger than ever. I am also selling both of my vans, as we don't need three vans.

Once I sell everything I will have enough money to live on, frugally, and they say two can live almost as cheaply as one. We both have had the same goal: to travel in a van seeing the country and meeting new people. It's funny how things tend to work out even better than the way you had hoped.

- - - - - - - - - - -

I returned to Erie PA in September 2008, to be of assistance to my father for three years as he suffered from bone cancer and increasing alcoholic dementia. When both my parents - both World War II veterans - passed away in 2011, within 50 days of each other, I had to deal with funeral expenses, their estates, taxes and their personal effects with little help from anyone, including my father's 7 remaining step-children and their spouses, and little support from people I paid to help me: lawyers, accountant, financial experts. In fact, I was ripped off by several of them for thousands of dollars.

And yet, I've tried to be kind and generous to people I hire and my neighbors for the 8 years I've been back in Erie PA. It has been reciprocated by only a very few. The only family I have is one half-sister in North Carolina. No partner, cousins, children, grandchildren, etc.

When I thought I could make a small profit by investing in and refurbishing an abandoned house on my street, I hired a number of "contractors" at great expense who had to be let go due to sloppy work that had to be redone. Some of those people did more damage to the house than good. I intended to put only $20,000 into the house, but I've had to spend more than $80,000 so far (my inheritance which is now spent). Another $5,000 will be needed to complete the renovation to make it livable and sellable. My savings is already wiped out. When I sell this house I hope I'll recoup all that I've spent.

Do you know how scary it is to be a woman alone at my age with no savings, no income, no health coverage, and no family support?

My central thought was to improve the house in order to increase property values on my street so that because of my efforts my neighbors' homes would have a higher resale value when they decide to sell. And, of course, I hoped I could make a profit.

Meanwhile, when I turned 65 in July 2014, I was stunned to learn I
am ineligible for Medicare and Social Security. Even though I'm a US citizen and over 65, one must have 40 points to be eligible and I have only 16 points. The reason: I had to give up earning income while in hiding for 8 years (1998-2005) after a home invasion and the subsequent death threats after putting the man in prison; then the homeowners' association of my condo forbade me from owning a website which was 100% of my income (2006-2008).

I sold my unit; then, homeless and deeply in debt, I returned to Erie to deal with my parents' illness, subsequent deaths and their estates. On my meager CDN $461.00 (converts to about US $344) a month pension from Canada,
I can't afford to buy health insurance. The premiums are $600 a month... and my gross income for 2014 was a few dollars more than $3,100!

Once I leave Erie and return to Canada or somewhere else, I'll be able to earn an income again and I'll be able to afford health care again. It's been impossible to earn income and afford health coverage here, but certainly possible in the Toronto area.
I need cash more than the things I'm selling... I'm terrified of being a "bag lady" when I'm 70 (2.5 years from now). Once I sell both houses, I will have to live very frugally and rebuild my life.

I need some kindness, generosity and good luck. More than that I need income. It certainly would be a nice change. So if you live in Ontario and would like to have me park in your driveway for a week or more I can be a thoughtful and quiet guest; or rent me a small, quiet, inexpensive place in the summer or fall. But only when I've sold houses and everything.

In the meantime,
please buy my stuff, and please don't haggle with me over the price. It would be adding insult to injury; I've tried to keep prices fair for both of us.

I will add many more things to my
AndreasEstate.com website each week, please check back to see what has sold and what is still available for purchase.

And yes, the story of my 18-19 year experience will become a book (and maybe a movie!)... when I finally have the free time to write it. (Title ideas and domain names: Missed Blessings or
Make An Effort and The UndercoverClient.)